Breakaway glass

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LairdFX provides a broad range of breakaway glass products. We have supplied glass for productions from East coast to the West coast, Europe and the U.S. The items in our catalog are in stock and ready to be shipped anywhere. Most of our products are reproduced from standard glassware so Set Dec. or Props departments can easily supply matching real glass pieces if needed. For specific glassware, which is not found in our catalog, we can produce molds at a reasonable cost.LairdFX also produces sheet glass in various thicknesses. We can produce a variety of textured glass, curved glass, mirrored glass, stained glass, wired glass, safety glass, etc. Feel free to phone or E-Mail our breakaway glass department with any questions concerning custom work and pricing.

Glassware prices vary according to size and complexity of the piece.

Sheet glass is priced by the square foot.