Rain and water

Rain header - Incredible Hulk


LairdFX has developed crane rain systems that will cover massive areas. These systems are excellent for wide shots, yet don’t require a large crew and can produce over 4400 gallons of rain in about 3 minutes, and is the largest system of its kind that we have seen. Similar components have been used in our zoom boom rain systems, from 60′ or 80′ zoom booms. The maneuverability of the zoom boom makes this rain system very versatile and allows for quick repositioning on location. To compliment these systems, our water trucks with a combined capacity of 11,000 gallons, are equipped with silenced pumps and street flushers, and are designed to deliver the volume required for large rain scenes as well as wet downs.

Actual FX also stock all of the standard rain equipment: towers, drip bars, hand held wands and rain heads. Our crews have many years’ experience in the use of all of our equipment and can provide any rain effect from large droplets to mist, or drizzle to a downpour.