Snow header - Cinderella Man


LairdFX provides the most believable snow effects possible. We can produce anything from a light dusting to a major blizzard, either in studio or on location.

We have developed snow foam systems that are a quick and economical way to dress large areas. It is also very effective for dressing trees and rooftops and can lay down “snow” up to 800′ from our mobile foam truck. These systems are unique in the industry.

Our paper snow system delivers a stunning look of reality to any dressing.

Our ice crushers use 300lb blocks of ice and in a matter of seconds, crush them into a fine crystalline powder thrown up to 90′. This is as close to real snow as it gets and is great for everything from close-ups to large ground cover.

For falling or blowing snow, we use a number of delivery systems utilizing biodegradable products. All of these materials are ideal for exterior location because their environmental impact is minimal.

Also available are a variety of snow making materials including snow blanket and air bags to create mounds, drifts and large ground covers quickly. As well, we can supply a variety of snow and ice materials, including acrylic icicles, polyflake, granulated styrene, silicone ice and fine and coarse water activated ice crystals. Real snow and ice comes in many forms and we are confident that we can replicate most of them. We have even supplied black snow.

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